Bettie Bee – Two-faced kitten’s twice the cute, living her best life

Bettie Bee is unlike other kittens in a big way.

The tiny kitty-cat was born with two faces fused together. She’s a happy accident and, against all odds, is living happily in South Africa. The Sagittarius was born on December 12th and appears to be doing just fine.

bettie bee twofaced kitty

The cat was born in a litter of three, her two siblings were regular kittens. Bettie Bee appears to have a condition called craniofacial duplication, or diprosopus. The condition is so common in cats it has it’s own name: Bettie Bee is a “Janus Cat”. The term “Janus Cat” is named after the two-faced Roman god, and I guess you could say Bettie Bee is heavenly herself.

While being born with the condition and surviving is rare, it’s not unheard of – and Bettie Bee looks like a fighter!

bettie bee kitty

When she grows up, she can be friends with this two-headed turtle!

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