The Story of Thomas the Blind Bisexual Goose Who Became an Inspirational Parent and LGBTQ+ Icon

Thomas was a blind bisexual goose in New Zealand that lived an impressive 40 years before he passed away in 2018. But his legacy as a gay partner and loving parent will continue to inspire for years to come.

Thomas the blind bisexual goose in New Zealand

Thomas: The 90s kid

Thomas’ love story of epic proportions starts back in his youth. The year was 1990s. Nelson Mandela was released from prison. The Berlin Wall was demolished. The Simpsons premiered on Fox. And Thomas met the love of his life: Henrietta, who was a black swan. And you’re probably wondering and the answer is yes, geese and swans can hook up. Their mixed-breed children are called a “swoose“.

A swan goose hybrid bird is called a swoose
A legit swoose (left) [Credit:]

Thomas meets the love of his life

First off, it’s great to see that the colors of one’s feathers didn’t matter when it came to love. But also that being different avian ethnicities didn’t matter either. The happy couple was together for around 18 years, with Thomas being known to protect Henrietta from dogs and humans he didn’t trust. They would be seen nuzzling, grooming each other, and swimming together. One thing is the happy couple never had children, which is totally cool. It just means they had more free time and disposable income for vacations and such. But let’s hope their parents didn’t pressure them too much.

Trouble in Paradise Lagoon

Then after 18 years, there was finally trouble in paradise. A young black female swan arrived at Waimanu Lagoon where the happy couple lived. Then Henrietta and the new swan were often seen hanging out and grabbing drinks at the lagoon… Then one day, the new female swan laid an egg! It was then discovered that Henrietta was actually a dude, so he was renamed Henry and his new partner took the name Henrietta.

Story of Thomas Blind Bisexual Goose

Overcoming heartbreak

At first, Thomas was pretty pissed that his long-term partner left him for a woman. (And we all know geese are generally kinda pissed off at all times) Thomas was aggressive and even beat up the new black swan couple. But after the eggs hatched, Thomas had a change of heart and wanted what was best for his ex and his new partner.

Thomas the blind bisexual goose with his former swan partner Henry, along with Henry's new partner Henrietta

Thomas the uncle

Now an unofficial uncle, Thomas helped look after the babies like they were his own. The swan couple went on to have 68 cygnets over six years. And Thomas was there for them, teaching them how to fly and babysitting when the parents needed some time off. Now part of a poly relationship, he was with Henry for around 25 years.

Thomas the blind bisexual goose helping raise Henry the swan's babies

To Thomas the dad

In 2009, Henry passed away from old age. His wife Henrietta didn’t stick around for long after and found a new guy to fly off with. Then soon after, Thomas’ already incredible story took another turn. He ended up with a female goose and had 10 kids of his own! His new family life was sadly short lived though: Another goose stole his babies and raised them…

Thomas the blind bisexual goose with his goose babies
Thomas with his heteronormative family during happier times

Lost his vision, but never his spirit

Now an elderly goose, Thomas’ sight started to fail, first with one eye, then the other. He spent his final years at the Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust. Even without being able to see and his health deteriorating from old age, his spirit was as strong as ever. While at the sanctuary, he befriended other blind birds and even helped out other goose parents with their kids.

Thomas’ lasting legacy

Thomas passed away in February 2018 at an estimated 40 years old, which is around 80 human years. Thomas was already a celebrity in New Zealand and known around the world. The news of his passing made international headlines, with tons of support and condolences being sent to the sanctuary.

Thomas the blind bisexual goose at the Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust in New Zealand

Thomas was buried next to his true love, Henry. While no longer with us, his inspirational story of romance, loss, and empathy continues to resonate. As a parent, partner, lover, and caretaker, Thomas set a shining example of how love is love that any human could learn from.

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