Anya Taylor-Joy Adopted a Cat While Filming ‘Furiosa’ (That Immediately Became More Popular on Set Than Her)

Back in 2022, Anya Taylor-Joy was looking to adopt a kitty, but was set to film a long shoot in Australia for the Mad Max prequel, Furiosa. So she decided she’d adopt while in Australia and take the cat back home with her after. In exchange for a loving home, Anya expected her new fur baby to provide some love and comfort when decompressing from the long, exhausting days filming in the desert…

Anya Taylor-Joy Adopted a Cat While Filming Furiosa movie in Australia
Credit: @anyataylorjoy/Instagram – Furiosa/Warner Bros.

While Kitsune, the Ragdoll cat she adopted, fulfilled that end of the bargain. Kitsune also proceeded to steal the spotlight from her leading actress mom. In an interview with USA Today, Anya admitted, “Oh, I was not the rock star on this film. It was definitely Kitsune.”

Anya Taylor-Joy with cat Kitsune on the Furiosa filming set
Credit: @anyataylorjoy/Instagram

Anya continued, “I would hear people whisper, ‘Did she bring the cat? I hear she brings the cat.”’ The funny thing also is, I’m tall but I’m relatively small. My cat is a beast. He is big. So I kind of walk in with like, a snow leopard, which feels great.”

Anya didn’t stay jealous though and spoke lovingly about Kitsune to Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. She told them, “Mad Max is a very intense world and I felt like I needed something fluffy to love… And he became the emotional support animal for the entire crew.

In the clip, Anya shares a video of Kitsune playing fetch and admits he “rules the house now.”

Anya Taylor-Joy in bed with cat Kitsune
Credit: @anyataylorjoy/Instagram

Anya’s husband Malcolm McRae was admittedly not a cat person prior to Kitsune… But he has clearly softened up to the big guy and often posts photos of his shared fur baby on his Instagram.

When Anya eventually flew home, she was spotted carrying Kitsune in a post-apocalyptic worthy backpack. And let’s hope if they make a follow-up to Furiosa they include a Kitsune cameo!

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