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Does Koko B. Ware Have Any Pets?

Frankie (Macaw)

Koko B. Ware had a blue-and-yellow Macaw named Frankie that became part of his trademark image with the WWE.

Koko B. Ware

Koko B. Ware Pets


June 20, 1957 (67)

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J. W. Ware, better known by his ring name Koko B. Ware is an American professional wrestler. He debuted in 1978 and became widely popular in 1986, in the World Wrestling Federation, where he went from strong mid-carder to jobber to the stars. “The Birdman” came to the ring with a blue-and-yellow macaw named Frankie, both flapping and dancing before and after his matches. Before joining the WWF, he was in several tag teams, most notably with Bobby Eaton in Memphis and with Norvell Austin (The PYT Express) in several promotions. In 1993, he lost the first Monday Night Raw match to Yokozuna.