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Does Lili-Ann de Francesco Have Any Pets?

Lola (Dog)

Breed: Husky

In July 2021, Lili-Ann de Francesco bid a heartfelt farewell to her cherished Husky, Lola, who had been a loyal companion for 16 years. She shared this poignant moment with her fans on Instagram[1].

Husky (Dog)

Breed: Husky

A year after Lola’s passing, Lili-Ann de Francesco shared a post of her returning home from abroad with the caption[2]:

Happy to be back to my baby
You’re my #1

Lili-Ann de Francesco

Lili-Ann de Francesco

Lili-Ann de Francesco Pets


November 23 (-1)

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Lili-Ann De Francesco, a Canadian singer and songwriter from Montreal, Quebec, has been a notable figure in the music industry since her early teens. Her journey into the spotlight began with her participation in Quebec’s “La Voix” in 2015, where she made history as the show’s youngest contestant.

De Francesco’s music career is characterized by a diverse array of works, including her bilingual EP released in 2019. This project, which fluidly combined French and English lyrics, marked a significant milestone in her career. Her music, often infused with personal experiences and emotions, resonates with a wide audience. In 2021, she released “The Great Escape,” a cover that reintroduced her to the music world, under Maison Barclay / Universal Music Canada. This release not only highlighted her vocal prowess but also her skills as a pianist, an instrument she has been playing since the age of five.

Collaboration has been a key aspect of De Francesco’s career. She has worked with several artists, including Tyler Shaw on the song “Remember” and Eli Rose on “Winter Song,” her first holiday-themed song.