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Max (Dog)

Ely Henry had a dog named Max that passed away in August 2023.

Ely Henry

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October 18, 1991 (32)

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Ely Henry is a Canadian actor, known for lending his voice to the character Migo in the animated film “Smallfoot.”

Henry’s work spans a range of film and television projects, notably offering his vocal talents in animated ventures like “Smallfoot” and “Justice League Action.” Beyond the realm of animation, he has also made appearances in live-action TV shows such as “Suburgatory” and “Scorpion,” displaying a versatile skill set in his profession.

Collaborations form an essential part of Henry’s career. Among the actors and creators he has worked with are Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Danny DeVito, LeBron James, Common, and Gina Rodriguez, all of whom lent their voices to “Smallfoot.” Additionally, in “Justice League Action,” he worked alongside Kevin Conroy, Rachel Kimsey, and Jason J. Lewis. He has also worked with Jeremy Sisto and Jane Levy in “Suburgatory,” further illustrating the breadth of his professional network.

Henry’s body of work is not just large but also recognized. “Smallfoot” not only achieved commercial success but was also a contender for multiple awards.