Living With Pickles: A Surfing Painting Therapy Pig With a Rescue Animal Family

Pickles the Pig’s story had a traumatic start. First, in 2017, his farm flooded. Then he spent over a week in intensive care after eating rat poison but was miraculously saved thanks to a piggy blog transfusion. Then just a year later, Pickles became an overnight celebrity thanks to a few viral videos. He rose up form his difficult start in life to become a surfer, painter, and advocate for animal adoption. And also a presidential hopeful, according to the video below.

Pickles didn’t run for president, but he does keep sharing the fun of his farm-ily on social media. His crew includes a range of rescue animals, including dogs, chickens, rabbits, lamas, and more pigs. You’ll also see plenty of foster animals around his San Francisco home that he helps get adopted. Oh yeah, we have to give a shout-out to his amazing human who runs the sanctuary, Maddie Johnson, a dedicated animal rescuer, and Emmy-winning producer.

Living With Pickles: A Surfing Painting Therapy Pig With a Rescue Animal Family
“Started from the bottom now we here.” -Pickles the Pig

Let me introduce you to a few of his rescued best buds (From left to right). First we see Piper, a blind Kune Kune pig, then Peter the blue Frenchie, then Dill the Frenchie (Pickle’s BFF), and not but not least, Mr. Pickles himself.

While you’re here, you must meet Piper – The half Frenchie, half Gargoyle.

Here’s just one of the furry friends Maddie and Pickles’ helped get adopted.

And a pack of pups who all found furever homes thanks to them.

Who wouldn’t love going for a hike with this crew?

Sorry to say we all missed Arnold’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Make sure to follow @livingwithpickles on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok! And if you’re able to support the farm-ily, please consider donating.

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