Glen Powell’s Rescue Dog Brisket Escaped on a Flight – And Became a Mini Celebrity!

Top Gun Maverick star Glen Powell has a fun story about flying recently (as a passenger) with his year-old rescue pup Brisket that he shared with People. It recalled Brisket making a daring escape and becoming the most popular passenger on his flight! “There are rules, and then there are Brisket rules,” Powell said to sum up the story.

Glen Powell Rescue Dog Brisket Escaped on a Flight
Credit: @glenpowell/Instagram

While flying, Brisket isn’t a fan of being stuck in his carrier bag. So Powell usually opens it just enough to pop his lil’ head out. Or the polite pup will also sit in his lap. But this time, he woke from his name to find Brisket had broken out of his carrier and was nowhere to be seen. He jumped up, but luckily before he panicked, he spotted Brisket at the back of the plane, schmoozing it up with some passengers.

Glen Powell dog Brisket in travel carrier bag
Credit: @glenpowell/Instagram

Powell said, “The whole plane was just snuggling Brisket in the back, and they were loving on him. There were kids playing with him.” On top of looks, Brisket clearly inherited some charm from his dad and easily became a mini celeb on the plane. We wonder with all the fanfare Brisket was getting, if anyone noticed who his celeb dad was when he went to reclaim him. But if any of those passengers catch the cover of the British GQ “Summer Issue,” they’ll be like, “Hey isn’t that the charming dog we met on that flight?”

And check out the adorable Instagram post of when Glen Powell announced adopting Brisket.

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