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Greg Kinnear does not have any reported pets.

Greg Kinnear

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June 17, 1963 (60)

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Greg Kinnear is an American actor who first became known for his role as host of the television talk show “Talk Soup” and subsequently transitioned to film, where he received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “As Good as It Gets.” His filmography includes roles in “Little Miss Sunshine” and “The Matador.”

In his career, Kinnear has portrayed a variety of characters on both television and film. He depicted Jack Kennedy in the miniseries “The Kennedys” and Bob Crane in “Auto Focus.” Additionally, he played a lead role in the remake of “Sabrina” alongside Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford. His voice acting extends to narrating the audiobook for Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones.”

Kinnear has collaborated with many notable actors throughout his career, enhancing his film projects’ success and depth. His work with Jack Nicholson in “As Good as It Gets” contributed to the film’s critical acclaim. In “Little Miss Sunshine,” he co-starred with Toni Collette and Steve Carell, a film that achieved both critical and commercial success. Other significant collaborations include Pierce Brosnan in “The Matador,” Alan Arkin in “Little Miss Sunshine,” and Matt Damon in “Stuck on You,” showcasing his ability to adapt across diverse roles and settings.