Chloe The Serval – A 30-pound African Cat The Internet is Obsessed With

The Internet is obsessed with this cat, and she’s not your average cat. You may have already seen the odd video of Chloe Jade pop up on TikTok @ChloetheServal, Instagram, YouTube, or any one of the popular social media networks. That shouldn’t be surprising given that the popular African kitty has over two million collective followers and her parents, Matt Corbeil and Shannon DePender, post new content every day.

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Chloe is an African Serval cat. Your average cat weighs around 10 lbs. but the serval can weigh around 30 lbs. She is bigger than your average small dog the ever popular Pomeranian, toy poodle, or even beagle. A quick look at the Chloe’s comments and you can see many, many people would love to have one. Servals are also illegal in some states and countries so make sure to check locally before you commit to one. They require a special diet, lots of room to run, and we don’t need to get into the kitty litter situation.

OMG it’s a wild cat! I want one!

Says every commenter on social media
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Credit: @shannondepender IG

Chloe, now coming to 17 years old, was adopted by Matt Corbeil and Shannon DePender when she was just 7-weeks old. Since then, the couple has been keeping the cat well exercised and off the kitchen counters, without much success.

In some ways, Chloe seems a lot like every other cat. She pounces, hisses to say hello, and expects regular cuddles.

What do you think about Chloe? Could you see ourself with a 30 lbs. cuddly “wild” animal in your home? Follow Chloe on her channels TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook and decide for yourself.

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