Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato Make Dog-Friendly Holiday Cakes for their Pampered Pooches

Iconic dog moms Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato have teamed up to bake dog-friendly cakes for their fur babies, as part of Lovato’s “A Very Demi Holiday” special.

Demi Lovato and Paris Hilton baking cakes for their dogs
Credit: A Very Demi Holiday/The Roku Channel

As they bake in Paris’ pinked-out kitchen, it appears they’re making sugary cakes. But remember these are dog friendly, with Lovato mentioning that the frosting is actually made from mashed potatoes. Hilton garnishes her cake with some purple doggy poo. And Lovato shares her love of seeing her pups’ open presents on Christmas morning.

I love mashed potatoes. That’s a good idea for human food – Mashed potato frosting on steak would be sick.

Chef Paris Hilton, in the YouTube clip above

In the second clip, we see the bakers in front of Paris’ $325,000 doggy mansion, with a few doggies eagerly waiting to chomp up those lovely canine cakes.

Waiting behind the doggy mansion gates, we see Lovato’s two pups Batman (black yorkipoo) and Cinderella (white maltipoo). We also see two of Paris’ 14 dogs, with Ether Reum (white pomeranian) and Crypto (grey/white/black pomeranian.)

Demi Lovato at Paris Hilton's dog mansion
Credit: A Very Demi Holiday/The Roku Channel

Three of the four pups immediately rush out to try out the cakes. But it looks like Ether Reum isn’t as hungry (or isn’t in the mood to party.)

Demi Lovato and Paris Hilton's dogs eating holiday cake
Credit: A Very Demi Holiday/The Roku Channel

The clip cuts just as the dogs are about to chow down… To find out which cake was their favorite, you’ll have to watch “A Very Demi Holiday” on Roku, streaming on December 8.

You can learn more about Demi Lovato’s two dogs and Paris Hilton’s 12 dogs. And you can also check out Paris’ newest puppy, Prince Tokyo Gizmo, who she asked fans to help name back in July.

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