Lucas the Dog Posts a Perfect Recreation of Taylor Swift and Post Malone’s New Music Video ‘Fortnight’

April 19th was a massive day for Taylor Swift fans with the drop of her new album The Tortured Poets Department. That day also saw the premier of the first music video for the album with “Fortnight,” featuring Post Malone.

Lucas the Dog recreation of Taylor Swift and Post Malone music video Fortnight
Credit: @iamcalledlucas/Instagram

Then, only a day later, Lucas the Dog dropped a pooch perfect recreation of the video! Lucas’ acting was top-notch, along with an incredible costume, props, and set. And Lucas played double-duty as Post Malone! With Lucas’ Dog Version playing in sync with Taylor’s Version, you can see how perfect of a job he really did.

While the video is in black and white, Lucas shared a BTS shot where you can catch the details in his costume, including a blonde wig. And looking at the comments on Instagram, Lucas’ tiny black lace gloves were a huge hit.

Lucas the Dog dressed as Taylor Swift in the Fortnight music video
Credit: @iamcalledlucas/Instagram

In true Taylor Swift style, Lucas also posted some clues and teasers prior to the video premiere.

The production and creativity behind the videos truly match the acting talent of Lucas. and we wonder since Lucas’ video dropped only a day after Swift’s, he must have had insider access to the music video ahead of time…

Then as soon as the album dropped, Lucas had a quick listening party for one.

Lucas’ serious Swiftie credentials go way back, with plenty of Swift shoutouts and music videos already under his collar.

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