Loki the Raven May Look Like a Tough Guy, but He’s Really a Love Bird

Loki had a rough start to life, so who could blame him if he had a chip on his shoulder? He was bred in captivity by humans who mistreated him. He was surrendered to Coda Falconry, a bird of prey center, in West London, England when he was one year old.

Loki the Raven rescue bird with Elliot at Coda Falconry England
Credit: @lokitheraven/Facebook

He was aggressive, shy, and missing a bunch of feathers. But thanks to the kind humans at Coda Falconry, he grew into a friendly, loving bird!

Loki soon took a liking to Elliot at the center, and a trusting bond grew between them. They became BFFs and have spent many joyful years together. They’re often seen enjoying walks along the countryside together.

And note Loki didn’t have his wings clipped, so he’s a free-flying bird and can go where he wants! But since he has a happy home at the center, he chooses to fly home at the end of each day. And note that since he was bred in captivity, he wouldn’t likely survive out on his own.

Besides being a friendly guy, Loki is known for his sense of humor and often gets up to some mischief.

He’s also a smart guy who can solve puzzles and even negotiate for treats!

And he also likes to rock out a lil’

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