A “Grumpy” Morning with Lady: The Golden Retriever Giving Serotonin Boosts

Meet Lady, the unapologetically “Grumpy” Golden Retriever with a fanbase of over two million strong across social media. Chances are you’ve already seen a few videos of Lady shared across the Internet. She attended the 2022 WeRateDogs “Paws of Fury” movie event and has been featured on some pretty big accounts across social media like E! News and Country Living Magazine.

Why is Lady “Grumpy”?

Lady is not a morning person! When the sun rises, so does her grumpy “gargoyle” face. After breakfast she snoozes away until noon and recharges come 5pm when she’s ready for a beach adventure: long walks with other pooches followed by some canine aquatic fun!

After fun time, it’s romantic dinners with her humans

We hope you’ve enjoyed hitting repeat on Lady: The Golden Retriever’s reels as much as we have. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and TikTok!

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