Homura Ham: A Hamster’s Epic Adventures Through Creative Cardboard Mazes

To sum it up, Homura Ham is the Indiana Jones of hamsters. His inventive human continues to create a variety of fantastic cardboard mazes to test Homura Ham and some of his adventurous friends.

Homura Ham

Each meticulously detailed map is filled with darling obstacles for Homura and pals to overcome, but note they’re all safe and never in any real danger.

But it sure can feel like it, thanks to the incredible moving set pieces.

In his latest Dungeons & Dragons-themed maze, he fearlessly faces a giant dragon #spoileralert

He even had a full-on Squid Games parody.

His Mindcraft mazes are fan favorites.

If you’re not too afraid, you can check out his selection of Halloween-themed mazes.

And his Super Mario Bros mazes are spot-on.

You Can follow @homuraham on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. But for the full videos, make sure to visit him on YouTube.

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