Real Housewives Star Lisa Vanderpump Opens Beverly Hills Dog Rescue Center

Lisa Vanderpump, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, is also known for her love of dogs. Not only does she own 8 dogs with many of them rescues, she runs the Vanderpump Dog Foundation which promotes the humane treatment for dogs around the world. Her brand of luxury pet accessories Vanderpump Pets also donates a percentage of sales to support her foundation.

She’s now gone a step further in her quest to help our canine friends by opening up her own dog rescue in Beverly Hills called the Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center. And if you’re familiar with the Real Housewives star and her lifestyle, this isn’t your average dog rescue. On top of rescue and veterinary services, they also include a dog spa, dog cafe, dog hotel and a pet boutique. The center is done out in her signature pink, complete with chandeliers.

While the luxury aspects may seem excessive for some, but it serves more of a purpose than just fitting in with their Hollywood neighbors. First she takes in high-risk dogs from kill shelters that are running out of hope. Then she gets them “Vanderpuffed” in her doggy spa. This way they’re all looking glam and appealing to the high-class humans in the area looking to adopt, helping them find new homes in mansions most of us would dream of living in. Also the center designed to encourage people to hang out and get to know the dogs. As well as bring in their own dogs to visit the spa, boutique or cafe.

Also Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd aren’t making any profits themselves, with all sales and service fees going back to support the center and benefit the Vanderpump Dog Foundation.

For more info and to donate to her foundation, visit:

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