Meet Walter Geoffrey: The Sassy AF Opera Singing Frenchie

Have you ever wondered what an all-canine acapella group would sound like? Yeah us, too. Luckily, we’re one step closer with Walter Geoffrey @waltergeoffreythefrenchie hitting the scene.

His Instagram bio describes himself as a “👩‍👦Single child just trying to survive with Bish. 📍Meltdown City @ the corner of Unstable & Emotionally Over-dramatic #yourfavhotmess.” By scrolling through his feed, you can see Walter lose his mind and spiral into a puppy-screeching tantrum every time he doesn’t get enough attention. Relatable AF.

Walter’s mom decided to adopt him after realizing that she never wanted to have kids, little did she know he would turn out to be the world’s biggest diva. “He talks back for every single thing he doesn’t agree with,” she tells Celebrity Pet Worth. “I can’t help but love it though because I was such a devil child to my own parents. I’m definitely getting payback for being a wild child!”

The video above of Walter hittin’ those high-notes went viral. Amber goes on to describe loving Walter because of his bratty ways, “I love that he has his own personality though even when he gets really annoyed with me. I take all the verbal attacks because he’s just too dang cute.”

Credit: @waltergeoffreythefrenchie IG

Walter’s sassy AF, throwing shade at his mom – affectionately known as ‘bish’ – every chance he gets. But, he also got his mom through a year of being the victim of workplace harassment. Being the only female salesperson on a team of four men meant Amber was in a vulnerable position. The men on her sales team harassed her constantly, telling her to “lighten up” when she reported the behavior. Eventually, after months of harassing herself and other female employees, three of the men were terminated.

Amber depended on Walter to cheer her up during the darkest time of her life, leaning on him for emotional support. Walter would “yell [her] back into shape and for straightening [her] out as much as possible.”

“He does act depressed and annoyed all the time, but he’s just a typical male who’s too cool in front of the camera then loves me behind the scenes.”

Despite his terrifying screams (or possibly because of them), Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie is cute as hell and deserves a follow!

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