Political Pup Dynasty: A Town in California Elected a Dog as Its Mayor for a Third Time

In July 2012, the scenic mountain town of Idyllwild, California, elected their first mayor,  Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller. Max won a 2/3rds of the vote against 16 other candidates, to confidently claim his one-year term. After battling cancer, Max tragically passed away after nine months in office. The town approved an interim Mayor, Max II who had help from two deputy mayors, Mikey and Mitzi. After his year term came to an end, the people of Idyllwild reelected Max II – With the people also pushing through that Max II remained mayor in perpetuity.

Dog Mayors Max I and Max II
Mayor Max I (left) and Mayor Max II (right)

After a nine-year reign, Max II passed away in July 2022. After the passing of Max II… Max III, with no public vote, was made mayor of Idyllwild. Max III now rules over Idlywild with Vice Mayor Meadow, Deputy Mayor Mikey, and Deputy Mayor Mitzi. Oh, and besides the clear disregard for a fair and open election, in a clear case of nepotism, that these politicians are related? And they’re also Golden Retrievers??

Mayor Max III
Max III (Merry Mayor – or Dictator Doggo?)

The true story of the succession of Mayor Max is that it all started with as a fundraiser by by Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF). With Idyllwild being a small, unincorporated community, they didn’t have or need an official mayor or local government. (we can assume human politicians usually sucking being one of the factors.) Through $1 donations per vote, Max won against 14 other dogs and two cats.

After Mayor Max I’s tragically short stint, Mayor Max II carried his caring spirit over his nine-year term. nown for his friendly demeanor, he was a beloved figure in Idyllwild, greeting locals and tourists, appearing in media, and promoting the town’s spirit of community. His duties included attending business openings, participating in town functions and parades, and serving as a symbol of Idyllwild’s unique charm. His passing was mourned not just by his constituents but also by all the fans he accrued nationwide and internationally.

The current mayor, Mayor Max III, was born in September 2022 and officially began his mayoral duties at a young age, starting in December 2022. He, along with Vice Mayor Meadow, Deputy Mayor Mikey, and Deputy Mayor Mitzi, continues the fun and furry legacy of his predecessors. Mayor Max III’s activities include meeting residents and visitors, both downtown and at his home, and he has a range of pastimes that include snuggling, hogging Nyla bones, and hanging around Dairy Queen.

You can follow Max III on his ongoing canine campaign trail at @mayormax1 on Instagram and @mayor.max.3 on Facebook.

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