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Guan Xiaotong's Pets

Does Guan Xiaotong Have Any Pets?

In 2023, a Chinese newspaper reported that Guan Xiaotong had two cats and two dogs.

Pomeranian (Dog)

Breed: Pomeranian

One of Guan Xiaotong’s two dogs is a pudgy Pomeranian.

Cats (Cat)

Guan Xiaotong also has a black cat.

Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong Pets


September 17, 1997 (26)

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Guan Xiaotong is a Chinese actress, gaining recognition through her performance in the film “The Left Ear” and the drama series “To Be a Better Man.”

Guan Xiaotong’s emergence in the entertainment industry marked a youthful vigor in Chinese cinema and television. Her role in “The Left Ear” showcased her ability to delve into complex emotions, earning her a place among fresh faces to watch. Similarly, her performance in “To Be a Better Man” was well received, further establishing her foothold in the industry. She didn’t stop there; her continued efforts landed her roles in “Shadow,” “The Founding of an Army,” and “Love of Aurora,” each performance adding to her portfolio of diverse characters.

The collaborative spirit of Guan Xiaotong has seen her work alongside many notable figures in the industry. Her association with Lu Han in “Sweet Combat” showcased a delightful chemistry that was loved by audiences. Her work with Wallace Chung in “Love of Aurora” was emblematic of her capability to complement seasoned actors. Other notable collaborations include those with Huang Bo in “Leap,” Chen Feiyu in “Secret Fruit,” and Zhao Liying in “Shadow.” Additionally, her interactions with Zhang Yimou, who directed “Shadow,” Vicky Chen, who co-starred in “Love of Aurora,” and TFBoys member Jackson Yee, who shared screen in “Better Days” have significantly contributed to her expansive network.

Guan Xiaotong received the Best New Actress award at the Beijing College Student Film Festival for her role in “The Left Ear.” Her performance in “To Be a Better Man” was recognized with a nomination for Best Actress at the Shanghai Television Festival.