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Does MatPat Have Any Pets?

Skip (Cat)

Skip, often referred to as CatPat by Matthew and Stephanie Patrick, is the family’s beloved pet cat born in 2009. Although his official breed is disputed by fans – with the Patricks mentioning ‘Turkish Van’ during a previous stream – Skip has made various appearances and mentions on The Game Theorists channel. On-screen, he


MatPat Pets


November 15, 1986 (37)

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MatPat, also known as Matthew Patrick, is an American internet personality and content creator best known for his YouTube channel, “The Game Theorists.” He creates educational videos and interactive content on a variety of topics, primarily focusing on the science and math behind video games and other forms of entertainment. He is also the creator of two other YouTube channels, “Film Theorists” and “Game Lab.” MatPat is known for his use of critical thinking and analysis to explain the hidden meanings and secrets in various forms of media. He has amassed a large following and is considered a pioneer in the field of online video game analysis and entertainment education.