Dog rescued from an abandoned mining shaft has happy ending

If you’re anything like us, doggy rescues guarantee to make you ugly-cry happy tears!

Preston Gladd was hiking in the Colarado mountains when he heard some odd noises coming from an abandoned mine shaft. Assuming it was a wild animal, he gave the shaft a wide berth. Returning a week later, Preston heard barking coming from the same place. He called his girlfriend, Portia Scovern, and friend Gannon Ingels for help. The trio managed to rescue the pup from the 25-ft shaft. In the video below, you can see pup’s tail wagging as she tucks into a well-deserved post-mine-shaft meal.

Portia posted the dog’s rescue on Facebook calling for help. The dog, who’s name is Cheyenne, was reunited with her owner almost immediately. Oh, the power of social media!

Cheyenne hiking dog

It turned out that Cheyenne is an experienced climber. The pup scouts ahead to let her owner, Michael Captain, know if there is anything to look out for. He calls her his “long range dog radar.” Captain says he stayed out on the mountain for three days searching for her.

Cheyenne hiking dog rescue mine shaft

Cheyenne had been missing since October 4th and rescued on the 17th. Of that time, she was trapped in the mine shaft for about a week.

Portia decided not to sell the videos or pictures she took from the rescue. She stated that “bad news tends to be louder than good news, so share the good news freely!”

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