Jason Momoa and Stephen Colbert Cuddle Rescue Dogs (and Lie) To Get Them Adopted

The Late Show’s “Rescue Dog Rescue” is a recurring segment where Stephen Colbert teams up with a celebrity to help real rescue dogs get adopted. In the latest episode, Colbert reminds his audience that he just had surgery and isn’t allowed to lift anything heavy. So he hopes to get someone big and strong to help him out… He gets lucky, with a fuzzy sweater’d Jason Momoa swooping in to save the day!

Jason Momoa and Stephen Colbert Cuddle Rescue Dogs and Lie To Get Them Adopted
Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

As per “Rescue Dog Rescue” tradition, they tell elaborate and hilarious lies to help each pup get adopted from the North Shore Animal League. But looking at these cuties, we know they’re not going to have any trouble getting adopted. And at the start of the clip below, Colbert mentions that every rescue pup featured on the show has been adopted!

Stephen Colbert has two dogs at home, while Jason Momoa’s celebrity pets include two half-wolf dogs, a python, and a pig.

And throwback to 2017 when Colbert teamed up with Aubry Plaza for “Rescue Dog Rescue.”

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