This Dog Works as a Hostess at a Korean Restaurant (And Also Her Puppies!)

Haneul is a very very good girl who pretty much runs a restaurant in South Korea, along with her kids. But note she doesn’t do any cooking, as she doesn’t have thumbs. So while she is a dog and not your traditional human restaurant employee, she does pretty much everything around there other than cook as far as I’m concerned.

First, he politely bows to each and every guest.

She Brings customers their menus and takes their payment after.

And she’s training her pups to be servers as well!

If they need the game turned up on the TV, she’ll grab the remote for them. She helps clean up and restock items. And she even has a tiny garbage can she uses as her personal tip jar. See all the hard work she does in the video below. When this video was made in 2018, she was seven years into her canine hosting career. We imagine she’s since retired, and we hope to see a video of her kids working to save up for doggy university!

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