Christian and Scooby the Basketball-Playing Chihuahua Prove You Don’t Have to be Tall to Ball

If you’ve been enjoying basketball this season, you need to meet a couple of talented four-legged basketball players named Percy and Milo (along with their human Christian). And from the title, you might be wondering, what about Scooby? Christian started out performing in a circus as a teenager with his Chihuahua named Scooby. Scooby performed with Cristian until retiring in 2016, before passing away at the age of 17 in 2020. Christian then kept Scooby’s name in his act as a tribute to his first partner.

Since Scooby retired in 2016, Percy took the lead, who is currently 10 years old. Then with his eyes on an eventual retirement, 4-year-old Milo now entering the spotlight.

Milo is known for his huge slam dunks.

@castoinev Repost from the @Phoenix Suns earlier this season! #Dogs #Puppy #dogsoftiktok #Sports ♬ OMG – White Gangster

And Percy is known for his signature basketball walk.

The talented trio have been half-time show favorites for NBA, WNBA, and NCAA games. But they’ve also wowed crowds at NFL, MLB, and soccer games.

And they’ve even toured internationally!

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