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Blue (Dog)

Lucas Dobre-Mofid has a dog named Blue.

Lucas Dobre-Mofid

Lucas Dobre-Mofid Pets


January 28, 1999 (25)

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Lucas Dobre-Mofid is an American internet personality and dancer known for his work on the Dobre Brothers YouTube channel. He has gained significant attention for his compelling work across multiple digital platforms, with a focus on high-energy dance routines and pranks. Notable for his collaborations with his twin brother, Marcus Dobre-Mofid and brothers Darius Dobre-Mofid and Cyrus Dobre-Mofid, Lucas has rapidly ascended the ranks of digital entertainment, leaving a substantial mark in the realm of internet-based content.

Lucas’ most acclaimed work is perhaps his YouTube content alongside his brothers. As part of the Dobre Brothers YouTube channel, Lucas has showcased a natural flair for entertainment, amassing millions of followers through a combination of dance videos, song releases, and comical pranks. The Dobre Brothers’ music videos, including popular tracks like “You Know You Lit,” have been particularly successful, attesting to Lucas’s versatility as an entertainer.

Over the years, Lucas has teamed up with a variety of personalities, leveraging his platform for collaborations with renowned figures in the digital realm. Among these collaborations, Lucas has worked with Logan Paul, a prominent YouTuber and actor; Steve Harvey, the iconic TV host; Jake Paul, an internet personality and actor; Lele Pons, a famed internet comedian and singer; David Dobrik, a recognized figure in the vlogging industry; and Alex Wassabi, a well-known YouTuber and actor. Furthermore, Lucas has collaborated with YouTube sensations Rebecca Zamolo, Mark Dohner, and Anwar Jibawi, along with the versatile social media influencers Hannah Stocking and Brent Rivera.

Lucas has received significant acknowledgment for his contributions to digital entertainment. Along with his brothers, he was nominated for the Choice YouTuber award at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.