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Logan Paul's Pets

Does Logan Paul's Have Any Pets




Logan Paul has a bird named Maverick that has appeared in some of his training videos.



Logan Paul had a dog named Arya that passed away November 2017.


Albino Soft-Shelled Turtle

He had an albino soft-shelled turtle named Pancake. He released a video in 2018 where he moved him to a special habitat.


Mini PIg

He has a mini pig named Pearlbingbing



He also has a Husky named Broley, who is a dog Paul got after the death of Kong. He also owns a Red Tibetan Mastiff named Ginger.


Red Tibetan Mastiff

He has a Red Tibetan Mastiff  named Ginger.



He had a Pomeranian named Kong that passed away in April 2019.

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Logan Alexander Paul, born April 1, 1995, is an American YouTuber and social media personality. He has a YouTube following of over 3 million followers. Paul grew up in Ohio with younger brother Jake Paul, who is also a YouTuber and internet personality.

Paul gained a following in 2013, posting sketches on the video-sharing application Vine. He registered his YouTube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, on October 18, 2013, where he started posting regularly following the closure of the Vine app. He later created the Logan Paul Vlogs channel on August 29, 2015, which has since become his most subscribed YouTube channel. As of January 2021, the channel has received over 22 million subscribers and 5.8 billion views, ranking as the 58th subscribed in the United States, and placing him among the top 140 subscribed channels on the platform.