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No Pets (Josie Totah)

Josie Totah does not have any reported pets.

Josie Totah

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August 5, 2001 (22)

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Josie Totah is an American actress known for her breakthrough roles in television and film. One of the breakout roles in Josie Totah’s career came with her portrayal of Stuart Wooten in the Disney Channel series “Jessie.” Totah has also made notable appearances in projects such as the film “Other People,” where she played the role of Jodie, and the comedy series “Champions,” in which she portrayed Michael Patel.

Josie Totah has had the opportunity to collaborate with several influential figures in the industry including comedy icon Tina Fey on the television series “Great News,” as well as sharing the screen with actress and singer Lea Michele in the sitcom “The Mayor.”