Xiao Pi is a Doggy Street Vendor with Style

Xiao Pi, aka “Lil’ P”, is a street vendor in Taiwan that stands out among the competition thanks to their flair for fashion.

Xiao Pi (Little P) dog fruit and veggie vendor and model
Credit: @littlepdog/Facebook

Xiao Pi first went viral for wearing cute custom costumes that match the fruit and veggies they were selling.

Little Xiao Pi street vendor dog in Taiwan
Credit: @littlepdog/Facebook

Lil’ P also likes to alternate styles between a sweet old babushka and a cool surfer dude, which are both very compelling reasons to choose them over neighboring vendors IMHO.

Credit: @littlepdog/Facebook

Then after going viral, Xiao Pi jumped into the fashion influencer game.

Credit: @littlepdog/Facebook

And yes when you’ve now clearly a Celebrity Pet, you might as well start slanging your own merch.

Credit: @littlepdog/Facebook

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Lil’ P meditating on quitting the game and becoming a monk [Credit: @littlepdog/Facebook]
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