Ghost and Wren are Greyhound Siblings Living a Fashion Fairy Tale

Ghost and Wren are two hot Italian models from Toronto, Canada with a fantastical sense of fashion.

Ghost and Wren Greyhound Dog Fashion Influencers
Credit: @ghost.and.wren/Instagram

You can find the Greyhound siblings posing for fashion shoots fit for the pages of Vogue.

They followed that up with a David Bowie-inspired shoot.

@ghost.and.wren Meadow Labyrinth ✌🏻✌🏻🕳🪩✨🌾 with @Jade and Coral ♬ As The World Falls Down – David Bowie

The Berlin techno scene look is a natural fit for them.

@ghost.and.wren Untz Untz , Moving to Berlin Starter Pack 🤍 @ipuppypaws ♬ original sound – Tiktok puppies 🐶

And you know they make a scene when they hit the slopes.

@ghost.and.wren how do you do, fellow earthlings? ✌🏻✌🏻👽👽✨ . . . . snowsuits // @pikapikashop ♬ The X Files Theme – John Beal

You probably need some tips on how to be more GUCCI, but don’t worry because Ghost and Wren got you covered.

@ghost.and.wren How to be a G U C C I model 🕶 ✌🏻#dogmodels #dogfashion #italiangreyhound @gucci #guccimodelchallenge ✨ Inspired by trendsetter @honeytheiggy ♬ original sound – Gucci

While they keep up the image of serious professionals when it comes to modeling, they do like to cut loose during their off time.

For more fashion inspo, follow @ghost.and.wren on Instagram and TikTok.

Ghost and Wren dog fashion influencers meme
Credit: @ghost.and.wren/Instagam

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