Jenna Dewan Mourns the Passing of Her 18-Year-Old Rescue Dog Meeka

Currently pregnant with her third child, Jenna Dewan posted a touching tribute saying goodbye to her “first baby” Meeka. She adopted the Japanese Spitz all the way back in 2006, with the rescue living a loving 18 years with her.

Jenna Dewan Mourns the Passing of Her 18-Year-Old Rescue Dog Meeka
Credit: @jennadewan/Instagram

In her tribute on Instagram, Dewan joked that Meeka and her had more eras than Taylor Swift. She started dating Channing Tatum the same year she adopted Meeka. The pup overcame her dislike of children to be by Dewan’s side when she became a first-time mom and her struggle with postpartum during the first COVID lockdowns. In the gallery below, she included memories old and new of Meeka. Her post has received almost 90k likes in just a day, with many fans, friends, and celebrities paying their condolences.

Paris Hilton said, “So sorry for your loss beautiful. I know how much it hurts. Sending you so much love.” Vanessa Hudgens said, “Oh mannnn sending you so so so much love.” Eric Winter said, So sorry Jena. I know it’s tough,” and Melissa O’Neil said, “Dear one, I’m so sad to hear that this happened. Sending you a big hug and big love. Incredible that you guys had 18 years together. Xoxo” Julianne Hough commented, Sending you more love than you could imagine love you,” and Nina Dobrev left, “Jenna, I’m so sorry. Sending you so much love right now.”

Dewan is currently engaged to actor Steve Kazee, with plans to marry later in 2024. Dating since 2018, Kazee also has plenty of fond memories of Dewan’s “first child” and posted a tribute on Instagram as well.

Currently pregnant with her third human child, Dewan still has three faithful fur babies at home with Wiley, Cosmo, and Stella.

And yes they’re all rescues too!

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