Theo and Mina a Couple TikTok Creator BFF Kitties on an Adventure

Theo and Mina are a couple cats who love adventuring together and documenting their travels on TikTok. These BFFs love nothing more than spending time together, whether they’re exploring new places or just relaxing at home.

They weren’t always BFFs

Eventually it worked out and they grew close… maybe a little too close…

The two may not have gotten along right away, but they seem to be inseparable now. They get along so well, they’re creating TikTok content together for their +100,000 growing fans. The two are even listed on Shake under the name Adventures of Two Curious Kitties. Kim Kardashian reportedly takes $50,000 USD per post so for $325, you’re getting a deal!

Not in the market for a product post? That’s alright, just follow these two popular cats on TikTok to keep up with their adventures.

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