Kefir the Maine Coon Is as Big as His Human Sibling (@yuliyamnn)

Kefir is a snow-white Maine Coon cat who lives in Russia with his human Yolia and his human sibling Anechka. Your average house cat might weigh up to 10 pounds. Maine Coons generally weigh between 12 and 18 pounds, with some getting as big as 25 pounds. Kefir tips the scales at over 27 pounds, making him about triple the size of a house cat!

Maine Coon Kefir the giant Russian cat
Credit: @yuliyamnn/Instagram

As you can see, when Kefir is stretching out to share some snacks with his human sister, he’s about the same length as the young kid and can easily reach the kitchen counter!

He’s even big enough he’s starting to open doors by himself.

And big enough to have a phone plan and take selfies in a bathroom mirror, apparently…

Kefir Maine Coon Cat mirror selfie
Credit: @yuliyamnn/Instagram

As well as fit a medium men’s plaid shirt. A follower accurately commented, “lol he looks like an Amish farmer.”

Kefir Maine Coon Cat in a plaid shirt
Credit: @yuliyamnn/Instagram

Also big enough that the DMV didn’t question it when he applied for a driver’s license.

@mainecoonkefir Bad boys, bad boys coming for u…#bigboy #bigcat #mainecoon #mainecoonKefir

While he looks like a tough guy, he’s known as a gentle giant.

Like kitties of any size, he’s a big fan of lounging around.

@mainecoonkefir Я же просил принести мне кофе и не беспокоитьI told you to bring me coffee and not to disturb#начальствоотдыхает#жизньудалась#кабинетдиректора #mainecoonkefir ♬ оригинальный звук – В ТГ делаем

If we had to guess, he’s probably a distant relative of Falkor.

For another king-sized kitty, meet Samson the Maine Coon (aka Catstradamus), who tips the scales at 28 pounds!

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