Lost Senior Dog Reunited in San Francisco in 5 Hour Chase

Nieve a local San Francisco senior dog had an adventure-filled month. The lost white terrier evaded animal control for over five hours in a spectacular chase. The story ends with a positive note as the senior was reunited with her family.

Carlos, who lives in Vallejo north of San Francisco, discovered his family’s dog was lost. He was worried Nieve was either stolen or escaped when he was working in Mission Bay. Soon after, he began spreading lost dog posts on social media in hopes someone would see his missing pup.

He got responses right away, however, Nieve was not willing to be caught.

The local animal control unit received a call on July 7 about a white dog sighting near the train tracks, according to Deb Campbell, a spokeswoman for San Francisco Animal Care & Control. This is where the lengthy chase began. Nieve evaded Capt. Amy Corso, Lt. Ellie Sadler, Officer Rebecca Fenson, and Officer Shane Jolley for over five hours.

The team managed to cornered her behind a parked car. After being transferred to another facility for senior dogs, Alice Ensor, an adoption counselor at Muttville, thought the lost white dog looked quite familiar. 

On Friday, Nieve’s city adventure ended as she was reunited with Carlos and his son.

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