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June 6, 1972 (51)

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Noriaki Kasai is a Japanese ski jumper, renowned for his longevity and achievements in the sport. He has competed in a record eight Winter Olympics from 1992 to 2018, securing medals in the 1994 team large hill and 2014 individual large hill events. Kasai is also distinguished by his participation in over 500 World Cup competitions, achieving multiple podium finishes, including individual victories. His career milestones include winning the Ski Flying World Championships silver medal in 2016 and holding the record for the oldest ski jumper to win a World Cup event.

Kasai’s career is marked by significant contributions to both individual and team competitions. He has garnered a total of 17 World Cup victories and numerous podium finishes, demonstrating his competitive prowess across decades. His achievements extend to the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, where he has earned medals in team events. Kasai’s resilience and ability to perform at a high level have made him a prominent figure in ski jumping history.

Throughout his career, Kasai has collaborated with and competed against some of the sport’s most notable athletes, including Simon Ammann, Adam Małysz, and Gregor Schlierenzauer. His relationship with fellow Japanese ski jumpers, such as Daiki Ito and Taku Takeuchi, has been crucial in team competitions. Coaches like Masahiko Harada have played significant roles in Kasai’s development and achievements.