DC League of Super-Pets: Meet the celebrity cast’s pets!

The new animated superhero film DC League of Super-Pets features animal superheroes that are pets of iconic superheroes from DC Comics, with some of your favourite celebs as their voices. And many of the actors and comedians that lent their voices to this movie, also happen to have celebrity pets of their own. Let’s take a look at 15 cast members who have pets, for a total of 24 pets!

Dwayne Johnson voices Krypto/Superdog a labrador that’s Superman’s best friend and dog. The Rock has two adopted French bulldogs named Bobbs and Brutus.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - Dogs

Kevin Hart voices Ace/Bat-Hound, a boxer and Batman’s dog. Hart has a Doberman named Roxy and a mini-Doberman named Riggs.

Kevin Hart Riggs and Roxy -dogs

Kate McKinnon voices Lulu, an evil hairless guinea pig that becomes Mercy Graves’ pet. McKinnon has a pet cat named Nino Postiano.

Kate McKinnon Cat Nino Positano

John Krasinski voices Superman/Clark Kent. In real life, his pet dog is a red fox labrador named Finn.

emily blunt dog finn

Olivia Wilde voices Lois Lane and her IRL pet dog is a rescue named Elvis.

olivia wilde Elvis Sudeikis-Wilde

Natasha Lyonne voices Merton McSnurtle/Terrific Whatzit, a turtle that becomes the Flash’s pet. Lyonne has a Maltipoo named Root Beer.

natasha lyonne dog Maltipoo root beer

Jameela Jamil voices Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. Jamil has a dog named Barold.

jameela jamil dog Barold

Lena Headey gives her voice to Superman’s mom. She has five dogs: Wizard (beagle), Angela Lansbury (Brussels Griffon), Monkey and Skippy (Both Dachshunds), and Irish (mixed).

Lena Headey - Beagle - Wizard

Yvette Nicole Brown voices an animal shelter owner. She has one dog named Mister Harley Brown.

Yvette Nicole Brown dog Mister Harley Brown

Ben Schwartz voices Mark, a guinea pig who becomes Cyborg’s pet. He has a pet Goldendoodle.

Ben Schwartz dog

Thomas Middleditch voices a guinea pig named Keith who becomes Aquaman’s pet. He has two dogs named Meat loaf and Potter.

Thomas Middleditch dogs meatloaf potter

Marc Maron voices the villain Lex Luthor. In real life, he’s an iconic rescue cat dad who currently has two cats named Sammy and Buster.

Marc Maron Cats Sammy and Buster

Daveed Diggs voices Cyborg. He has two dogs: A Goldendoodle named Moose and a Westie named Soccer.

Daveed Diggs pets

Maya Erskine voices Mercy Graves. She has a dog named Pearl, pictured below with her husband Micahel Angarano.

Maya Erskine dog Pearl

Busy Philipps voices Foofy Dog. She has one dog named Gina Linetti, named after her friend Chelsea Peretti’s character on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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