Tiny and Tenacious: The Life of Cricket the Gremlin, a Grumpy but Charming Chihuahua

Meet Cricket the Gremlin. While she may look (and act) like a gremlin, she’s actually a hairless chihuahua. And whil….

Oh sorry, got interrupted there. Looks like Cricket’s human screwed up and went to the wrong drive-thru.

Ok ok, looks like Cricket is satiated (for now). What was I saying? Oh yeah, and while many dogs will tell you they prefer fur, a four-legged fashionista like Cricket loves the wardrobe options being furless gives her. Such as this fabulously retro bellbottom look.

Cricket is definitely proud to be a lil bit extra when stepping out.

One of Cricket’s superfans has added several statement pieces to her collection.

For a more summer-appropriate look, here’s a cute two-piece watermelon bikini and matching hat.

Typical sisters, smh.

And that’s the problem with being this beautiful. Sometimes you just look unapproachable to normal people. Can’t blame Cricket for that.

@cricketthegremlin Cricket gets told she has chronic RBF. Shes actually very nice! #rbf #dogsoftiktok #dogs #dogtok #chihuahuas #hairlesschihuahua #puppytok #dogsvideo ♬ RBF – Jess

So while haters will hate. Her fans know a 10 when they see one. (also throwback to baby Cricket!)

Ok ok here’s your last pup cup (for today) Cricket. And cute drews btw.

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