Noodles the Pooch: The Life of a Corporate Canine

Being a lifestyle influencer means creating fun content. For example, it could be entertaining or informative videos on food, travel, beauty, or fitness. And if an influencer does have a normal “9 to 5” job, they probably hide it or just don’t mention it to their followers and stick to the fun stuff.

@noodlesthepoochx Workingnon my summer bod like i didnt just i hale four croissant donuts. #workout #fit #summerbody #noodlesthepooch #corporatecanine #thecorporatecanine original sound – Noodles

But that’s not the case with Noodles the Pooch. She may be a beauty, fashion, and yoga furfluencer, but she also has a corporate job to help pay the bills. And she’s not ashamed to share it!

While most influencers would be scared to do the same… But not Noodles!

The ups and downs.

The good days and bad.

But her followers loved her authenticity and humor.

And no matter what, she looks fine while doing it.

Which has led to having over 1 million followers!

And she definitely knows how to enjoy a long weekend.

For more corporate canine content, follow @noodlesthepooch on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

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