Rigatoni the Golden Retriever is Your Work-From-Home Spirit Animal

For anyone who doesn’t “Work From Home,” the lifestyle of not having to leave your house to do your job sounds like the ultimate luxury.

Rigatoni Golden Retriever Work From Home Dog
Credit: @passtherigatoni/TikTok

But for anyone who does WFH, they appreciate the benefits but know the frustrations all too well.

And Rigatoni the Golden Retriever can relate, and lucky for us, he’s channeled that frustration into laughs for when we’re taking a break from the big screen on our desk to look at the tiny screen in our pocket.


Hopefully society will advance enough (or collapse?) to stop the awkward intro to any group meeting.

But it beats being one of the first in a meeting and having to join in the random conversation.

Oh no, the dreaded “hop on a quick call”!

And the even scarier surprise video call from the boss!

But it’s not all work and no play for Rigatoni.

Throwback to when Rigatoni was an intern!

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