Jack the Husky: Bad-To-The-Bone Doggo Banned From Six Us States and a Federal District

You may have gotten into some trouble as a youth, but have you gotten into banned from any state that borders on Virginia trouble?

Jack is a Siberian Husky who has been up for adoption for over a year in a Delaware shelter. His adoption bio caught the attention of the twitter user Historian Cole when she noticed that he is specifically not allowed back into Maryland.

Rumours started flying! What could a good doggo like Jack possibly have done to be banned from all of Maryland?!

Upon further investigation, the world of twitter discovered that Jack was not only just banned from Maryland, but any state bordering Virginia, including Virginia itself. Allegedly, the incident involved a goat, the state of Virginia and Jack narrowly escaping the doggy-gallows.

Jack’s one bad-ass pupper, his bio also states that he can jump 4 feet standing still! We’re hoping this outpaw gets adopted soon!

jack maryland husky outlaw

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