Bull escapes slaughterhouse, causes chaos in Brooklyn and hilarity on Twitter

A bull escaped death when he broke out of a slaughterhouse near 16th St and 4th Ave in Sunset Park, New York. Originally dubbed The Brooklyn Cow in a case of mistaken gender, The Brooklyn Bull (@thebrooklynbovine) speaks out on Twitter.

The Brooklyn Bull’s also been trolling the NY Times and horses.

Eventually, the NYPD showed up to the bovine party. The Brooklyn Bull made it to a soccer field and was evading the police for several hours. They even brought out helicopters to track the bull’s movements. Of course, even they weren’t safe from his Twitter rampage.

The Bull was eventually tranquilized and taken to a sanctuary in East New York. At this point, he’s definitely earned his freedom from the slaughterhouse.

Before he was captured, he even threw shade at Donald Trump.

We hope the sanctuary has wifi so The Bull can keep Tweeting.

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