Miranda Lambert Raised $140K for her MuttNation Charity through her Las Vegas Residency

After opening in September 2022, Miranda Lambert is wrapping up her Las Vegas residency, “Velvet Rodeo,” at the start of April. The city was clearly pleased by her presence and presented her with a ceremonial key to the Vegas Strip, along with March 20th being declared Miranda Lambert Day. But you know who’s even more pleased with her? All the shelter dogs who’ll benefit from the $140,000 she raised for them! For every ticket sold, $1 went to support MuttNation, a dog advocacy foundation founded by Lambert and her mom.

The dog mom and daughter team founded MuttNation in 2009, and have raised an incredible $9 million since! Their mission includes promoting adoption, educating the public, and health-related issues like spaying and neutering. You’ll regularly hear lovely news about Lambert and her love for dogs. Like when she donated $20,000 to 20 animal shelters across the U.S. in 2022. Other initiatives of Lambert’s and MuttNation’s include working with Tractor Supply to raise funds for various shelters and help dogs affected by natural disasters.

Lambert has several rescue dogs herself and sadly said goodbye to Thelma, one of her two retired Great Pyrenees farm dogs, in July 2023.

In happier news, she welcomed a new horse named Cool to her farm family in March.

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