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May 26, 1985 (39)

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Traci Hines is an American singer, actress, and designer, best known for her stunning portrayal of Disney characters in various platforms.

Hines has carved a niche for herself, primarily by bringing beloved Disney princesses to life in her music videos, independent films, and other forms of media. A YouTube sensation, her mermaid-themed music videos showcase her vocal prowess and deep-seated affection for Disney classics. Known for her rendition of “Part of Your World,” she has endeared herself to a broad audience of Disney fans. She has also made significant strides in fashion, launching her line of fantasy-themed apparel, “Adorkable Apparel.”

Throughout her career, Hines has forged powerful relationships with several other artists and celebrities. Her collaborations range from fellow YouTube musicians such as Nick Pitera and Peter Hollens to renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, and she has also worked with Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Allee Willis. Her work with fashion icons such as Chriselle Lim and collaborations with companies like Disney and Hot Topic, further underscore her influence in the entertainment and fashion sectors.

Hines has been recognized for her exceptional creativity and ingenuity with several awards. The Geekie Awards honored her in 2014 for Best Music Video, acknowledging her innovative approach to music and performance. Her music video “Alice,” a unique interpretation of the Lewis Carroll classic, was awarded the best short film at the Indie Gathering Film Festival in 2015.

Apart from her creative exploits, Hines is also known for her significant involvement with animal welfare initiatives. She works actively with The Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, helping to raise funds and awareness for marine wildlife rehabilitation.