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Does True Thompson Have Any Pets?

Bernard Hopkins (B-Hop) (Dog)

Breed: Boxer | Adopted 2013

Bernard was picked up by Khole when she was married to Lamar Odom in 2013. After her divorce, she briefly moved in with her brother Rob, who’s condo had a strict no-pet policy. This led to Khole giving up Bernard to a friend.

Gabbana (Dog)

Breed: Labrador | Adopted 2005

The Kardashian family got Gabbana in 2005, along with their late chihuahua Dolce. Gabbana was one of the longest-running Kardashian family pets. After her parent’s divorce, Khloe took Gabbana in. Gabbana unfortunately passed away in 2018. After her passing, Kris Jenner attempted to give Khloe three identical new puppies, but Khloe found the pups alternative homes. Apparently, no new puppies can fill Gabbana’s place in the Kardashian home. RIP Gabbana!

Peter Pan (Petey) (Peacock)

Breed: Peacock | Adopted 2011

This peacock wandered into Khloe’s backyard in 2011 and she decided to adopt him and name him Peter Pan (Petey for short). Khloe eventually sold her house, with Petey staying to live with the new owners, who were actress Kaley Cuoco and professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting.

Grey Kitty

True Thompson has a cat named Grey Kitty. The duo have been very active on social media sharing photos and quickly trending among fans.

True Thompson

True Thompson Pets


April 12, 2018 (6)

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True Thompson, Khloé Kardashian & Tristan’s daughter and Prince’s younger half-sister. True was named after her great-great grandpa, True Otis Houghton & her great-grandpa, Robert True Houghton.