How Grumpy Barbara Transformed from Grumpy to Lovely

There are plenty of cat influencers out there that tout being “grumpy,” but it’s usually just based on how they look – Rarely do they “walk the walk” when it comes to their “grumpy” title. In Grumpy Barbara’s case, she looked AND played the part! (also RIP to Tartar Sauce, aka the Real Grumpy Cat)

Grumpy Barbara Cat

Originally named Belle when she was a shelter cat, she was nicknamed Grumpy Barbara due to her antisocial behavior (and not just her scowling face). Then, thanks to legendary kitty rescuer Beth Stern, this “unadoptable” kitty found her forever home with Sarah Borok in Brooklyn, New York.

At first, her human Sarah had to wear boots and gloves just to fend off Grumpy Barb’s attacks.

But Sarah became more in tune with Barbara’s needs and didn’t try to smother her – She just gave her space instead. (and her laptop lol)

Barbara eventually warmed up to Sarah, starting with surprise night-time snuggles.

Now Sarah says she almost needs a restraining order on Barbarah because she’s just too loving.

But while they’re living happily ever after, Barbara still kept her GRF (Grumpy Resting Face) and a bit of attitude! And Barbara also gives back by helping raise funds for Positive Tails (check out the link in her IG for details.) You can follow @grumpybarbara on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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