Meet Penny the Ginger Cat – Queen of Sass and Loafs

This is Penny – a devout follower of the ginger cat tradition of causing chaos.

She’s known as the Loaf Queen. (Proof below if needed)

In case you’re wondering, her full name is Pennifer Pennificent Penelope Pennini.

Penny’s mom gives plenty of tips for anyone also considering adopting a ginger kitty.

You may have noticed her aggressive face-down nap style. Which she busts out on the regular.

And not only is she a perfect loaf, she’s also great as a triangle.

Penny also has a little adopted ginger brother, who she wasn’t that pumped about at first.

But they’re getting along fine now (Or maybe they just have good PR)

And while you may have a couple questions for Penny… You’ll have to leave her a message.

Besides napping, Penny does have other priorities. Such as standing up for kitty biscuit makers around the world. (Also, meet Chef Gary the Cat who turned her biscuit-kneading hobby into a successful baking side hussle)

For more naps and attacks, follow @pennythegingercat on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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