A Blind Senior Was Left Stranded by a Taxi – But His Service Dog Took Him Home

On a rainy January night in Veron, B.C., Canada, Roland Crouteau was visiting a friend who called him a cab ride home. Crouteau is a blind senior who always has his trusty service dog, Dodger, by his side. The first taxi wouldn’t give him a ride, with the driver saying they’re allergic to dogs. Then, a second driver came… But the situation got much worse for Crouteau and Dodger.

Blind Senior Left Stranded by a Taxi - But His Service Dog Took Him Home
Credit: Global News

After driving back and forth, the second taxi couldn’t find his house. The taxi ended up driving down one of the streets and dropping him off at a house – But not Croteau’s. Croteau walked up to the house, and felt around for his boat parked in his carport. But the boat wasn’t there, so he knew he was at the wrong house. As he walked back to the cab, it took off, leaving him stranded on the side of the road. It was 11pm, raining, and freezing out… And Croteau had no idea where he was. But his service dog, Dodger, knew what to do – And Croteau, of course, trusted him. Lucky for them both, they were only three blocks away from home. And very lucky that Dodger also knew this, who led Croteau home safely!

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