Chef Gary the Cat Turned Her Kneading Hobby Into a Successful Baking Side Hussle (@peachie.cass)

Gary the Cat, now known professionally as Chef Gary, might be a hot-shot baker today. But she came from humble beginnings. Just a kitty passionate about kneading pillows. Which turned into making simple biscuits (which were custom-made by her human Cassie).

As her baking skills grew, so did her ambition. She even posted a video hoping to get roasted by chef Gordon Ramsay.

@peachie.cass She’s ready to get roasted, but her buns&biscuits deserve to be noticed #chefgary #gordonramsay #gordonramsayofficial #chefcat #biscuitcat ♬ Send Me on My Way – Guy Meets Girl

She became a confident chef and started baking in her human’s front window. But she was such a distraction to cars and people going by she had to take it inside.

But this was not a sign that Gary was ready to take a break.

But her drive to be the best baking cat can mean some pretty late nights.

Then Cassie scored big time: A full kitchen for Gary to bake in!

Gary then expanded her range of baked offerings.

Then she really stepped up her game once she got her first pizza order! #FelineFreshPizza

@peachie.cass Replying to @yvettealanis1 omg she was so excited, thank u! #pizza #chef #chefgary #cat #cats ♬ Au Revoir – Sweet After Tears

And if you’re wondering what inspired her career choice. It runs in her family!

If you want to make an order, follow @peachie.cass on Instagram and TikTok.

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