Pooch of NYC and Pawstyle Prove the Met Gala Should Invite Dogs

Furry fashion icons Agador (aka Pooch of NYC) and his lil bro Freddie Tinkles just debuted two stunning Met Gala outfits, designed by luxury canine couture brand Pawstyle.

Pooch of NYC and Pawstyle Prove the Met Gala Should Invite Dogs
Credit: @poochofnyc @littlefreddietinkles/Instagram

In just over a day, Agador’s Instagram Reel debuting his Meta Gala look has already racked up over 2 million views! It’s a true testament to his charisma and class, perfectly complemented by Pawstyle’s bespoke outfit. Agador steps out of his matching black ride onto the red carpet, before having a impromptu photoshoot.

Little Freddie Tinkles shows off his distinct but equally glamorous blazer. Taking Freddie’s love for blue into account, Pawstyle wanted to convey his masculine energy with a simple suit design with a striped pattern, with a hint of circles for a subtle yet chic touch (along with his chest fur proudly puffing out).

The designer also catered to Freddie’s love of blue shades. Like Agador’s, sequins and pearls ensure they both shine bright as they get photographed on the red carpet.

Agador took his fans behind the scenes to see the magic that went into his exquisite outfit.

The making of Pooch of NYC Met Gala outfit by Pawstyle
Credit: @poochofnyc/Instagram

We talked with Alvin, Pawstyle’s designer, to get their insight into Agador’s look. They always wanted to create a luxurious, long suit for Agador, with a formal black color.

They first designed a transparent t-shirt with a simple pattern but added a high collar. Then for the outer layer, they crafted a long suit with crystal bead details on the collar, with black feathers below it for a grand appearance. A high fashion touch was added on the sleeves, with a long, draping sparkling tulle extending down to the tail. The end result? A design truly fit for the Met Gala!

Met Gala outfit by Pawstyle for Agador Pooch of NYC
Credit: @poochofnyc/Instagram

And the gown fit flawlessly!

Agador dog influencer wearing Met Gala gown by Pawstyle
Credit: @poochofnyc/Instagram

Pawstyle included a cute note about looking gorgeous at the Met Gala…

Pooch of NYC Pawstyle Met Gala invitation
Credit: @poochofnyc/Instagram

Which brings me to an important question posed by Pooch of NYC and Pawstyle: Why aren’t dogs invited to the Met Gala? With all the evidence laid out above, it’s clear dogfluencers and canine couture would fit seamlessly among the human celebrities at the event. So make sure to follow @poochofnyc, @littlefreddietinkles, and @pawstylebyluna on Instagram and show your support to make the Met Gala dog-friendly!

And make sure to have a closer look at luxurious custom canine couture by Pawstyle.

A Look at Luxurious Custom Canine Couture by Pawstyle
Credit: Pawstyle
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