This Lion has a Mullet.

Hang Hang, a white lion and resident of Guangzhou Zoo in China, recently debuted a new look which has gone viral and divided the internet. The Tiger King-inspired look has people accusing the zoo of cutting the lion’s hair with others just praising his new 80s vibe.

Who wore it better?

The look on Hang Hang’s face gives the impression he’s not too pumped on it. Also his partner seems to be avoiding looking at him.

A zoo spokesperson told the Viral Press that “The hairstyle was purely nature’s magic,” and “We wouldn’t dare cut the lion’s hair. He looked like a blonde supermodel with fringe because of the high humidity in Guangzhou.” The month of May has been extremely hot in China, with the temperature and humidity thought to have helped create his new hairstyle.

All cats often lick their paws to help groom themselves, which in the case of male lions, it can affect the look of their shaggy mane. Combined with the hotter than normal climate, the zookeepers said he’s been brushing his hair extra which created this look without access to a hair straightener.

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