Thanksgiving miracle: bobcat survives 60 mile trip in car grill

On Thanksgiving Day, a miracle occurred. And no, we don’t mean that your racist aunt was too sick to make it to dinner or that no one brought up your perpetual single status at the dinner table.

A bobcat’s life was saved, against all odds. The big cat unintentionally hitched a ride from Gloucester to Richmond, Virginia in the grille of a woman’s car. That’s a 60-mile trip.

bobcat grill

Much to her surprise, the woman realized that the frightened wildcat had held on for dear life while she drove obliviously down the highway. Immediately upon discovering her stowaway, she called the Richmond Animal Care and Control Center. They were able to sedate the big cat and transport him to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for treatment and release.

bobcat virginia grille

An Animal Control worker stated that she had “just finished making a chocolate pie” when she got the call. She grabbed her father and the two put Thanksgiving on pause for the rescue mission.

richmond animal care control

After the traumatic experience, the bobcat ended up with only a scratch on his back. We’re happy everyone involved came out unscathed! For more big-cat tales, check out this rare love story!

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